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We have outgrown our location and a new building would increase our success and viability.  The City of Gallup is discussing the need for an Indian Health Center where the Hozho Center could operate from.  This would allow us to improve our services and build on what we are accomplishing.  We believe we have the buy-in from the people on the streets here to create the changes necessary to solve Gallup’s alcohol problems.


We also see the need for legislation to help us identify people on the streets with brain injuries by conducting a survey to identify these individuals and receive a release of information in order to get their hospital records to help identify them as a person with a brain injury and to better understand the types and numbers of brain injuries they have sustained.

The Hozho Center is working to build a collaboration with local substance abuse/behavioral health providers, RMCHCS inpatient treatment center, NCI First Step Treatment and Detox to use this data to improve services in Gallup for people with brain injuries and substance use disorders and then work with the state of New Mexico to develop a brain injury recovery program state-wide for people with brain injuries with alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Please help us spread the word about the important work we are doing so we can receive the financial assistance to accomplish this goal.

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